We begin by getting all your tracks mastered for vinyl. 

Then we get them carved into a lacquer paint coated metal disc using a lathe cutter.

the process 3.png



After getting the lacquer cut, we send it to a facility that coats it with a silver mist to get in the grooves, and then nickel to harden it up in a process called electroforming.

With the lacquer coated disc now sandwiched in metal, we can peel away two metal stampers: side A & side B.



While all of the above is taking place, your artwork will be getting printed.

We always try to get the labels first, that way we can start pressing as soon as we receive the stampers.

the process 2.png


So your stampers have arrived and so have your center labels. We attach your stampers (sides A & B) to the press, and load up the center labels (sides A & B).  After double checking the temperature, we close the press, inject the vinyl, and produce your test pressings. 

We listen to every test press and confirm that the music we hear is a quality reproduction of your tracks.

Then we send the test pressings to you for confirmation of satisfaction. There's something special about playing your own music on a record for the first time. If you play both sides and you're not feeling it, you'll let us know, and we will sort it out right then.

Once we get a confirmation from you, we start up the press, throw in your color mix, and make your records!

Illustrations by Rivka Ravede

Illustrations by Rivka Ravede